Annyeong hasimnika,

I am a person who likes Korean and Chinese entertainment world. Ranging from world music, drama, films, etc. Information I provide is the information I got from several sources.

From Kpop,

I like Super Junior, Shinee, SNSD, DBSK, C. N. BLUE, and may be increased again. My favorite actor is Rain, Lee Seung Gi, Hyun Bin. My favorite actress is Song Hye Gyo, Han Hyo Joo. I like them because they are acting very seriously, facial expression and not displayed as excessive. They look natural in acting, every role is played perfectly with their characters. When Wonbin and Song Hye Gyo first appeared, I immediately liked it until now. Meanwhile, Rain etc, make my favorite of Korea grew. I like a lot of Korean dramas.

I hope my favorite of Korea could increase again until I am more diligent to find and inform the news about Korea. Do not forget the Chinese entertainment world.

From Mandarin entertainment, I like Rainie Yang. Because she’s very talented. She can sing and act very well, she looks warm for her fans. As for actors, I like Alan Luo or also known as Show Luo, a man who has an acting and singing abilities attracted me to search for other information about the state of China.

The information presented in this pearlbluebubble is information about the Koreans. Starting from artists, actors, k-pop, to the drama. I will try to show something that is fresh and interesting. Hope you like and enjoy it.

Gomawo ..


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